Caring & Compassionate Funerals in Mackay

At Serene Funerals, we have spent the past 35 years planning and directing memorial services in the Mackay area. 

We understand the importance of helping families deal with the loss of a loved one. Experiencing the pain of losing a family member or friend can never be overstated. Providing a caring and dignified send-off is at the forefront of our funeral services.

It can be overwhelming to arrange a funeral service for your family members or friends and you often ask the question: What to do when someone dies? Our funeral directors are here to guide you through those difficult moments. 

Saying goodbye can be difficult, that’s why we take the burden of planning and arranging a funeral as stress-free as possible. 

When death happens unexpectedly, we know you need someone available to talk to and help coordinate funeral arrangements. At Serene Funerals, we offer a range of tailored funeral options including:

Our Funeral Services

At Serene Funerals, we treat a burial with the utmost care and respect. We can manage the planning, transportation and the actual burial, all of which will be handled with consideration and dignity. 

We understand the need to be around family and friends when dealing with loss, so your involvement can be as minimal as you desire.

Cremations are often preceded by a traditional memorial service; however, they can be done without. 

Services can be held at our Serene Funerals chapel. Alternatively, the family can choose a different chapel for the ceremony. 

Our options are always offered with both the deceased and the bereaved, in mind.

We can take on as much of the planning process as you need, and we can confidently reassure you that your loved one will be given a Mackay funeral that is dignified and respectful. 

Some of our services include planning the format, selecting the music, and deciding who will deliver the eulogies.

Serene Funerals will take care of the catering, as we understand it’s not something you need to be worrying about on the day of the funeral. 

We have a catering team capable of accommodating for small or large groups, at whatever venue you choose. We also offer self-catering options.

We believe funerals are a celebration of life and offer a personalisation service to acknowledge your loved one’s passing. Select from our range of personalised coffins, jewellery and urns. We’ll tailor funeral arrangements to the wishes of our clients, or the deceased.

Our funeral prices are specific to the requirements of each individual case, as we don’t like to restrict our client’s choices. For those looking to reduce financial stress, we also offer pre-paid funerals. With structured instalments, a pre-paid funeral is an affordable solution to manage costs.

Bouquet of flowers for funerals in Mackay

We take care of everything

Each service is custom to meet your budget and individual requirements. We’ll take care of the funeral arrangements, so you have more time to process the emotional demand of losing a loved one.

At Serene Funerals, we’ll organise a Mackay funeral that adheres to your wishes and is respectful of your customs and beliefs. For more information on our funeral services, please don’t hesitate to call us today. We’re based in Mackay and we’re available day or night when you need us.


Cannot thank Carol and her team enough for my father’s funeral. She was helpful, understanding, accommodating, full of knowledge and made the week of organising less stressful. The service went exactly as planned and everything was beautiful. Thanks so much again Carol! x

Angela Roberts