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Update On COVID-19 Funeral Restrictions

The Queensland State Government has announced that up to 100 people can now attend funerals in Queensland, effective from the 16th June.

As Funeral Directors, we will continue to maintain the highest possible standards of hygiene and physical distancing, and we are required to keep a record of all attendees for up to eight weeks in case of the need for contact tracing.
Unfortunately, easing of restrictions apply only to funerals and not wakes.

For more information, get in touch with our compassionate and friendly team at Serene Funerals. Contact us online or call us on 07 4943 1155.

Compassionate Funeral Arrangements


Serene Funerals Mackay is here for you with compassion and understanding to help make the funeral of your loved one easier to deal with.

We’re available to you whenever you need us 24/7, 365 days a year with a shoulder for you to lean on and a sympathetic ear when you’re just needing someone to talk to.

With Serene Funerals, you’re also getting 35-plus years’ of experience. We have expertise in taking care of all aspects of burials, cremations and chapel funeral services.

If you would like a custom funeral service, we are able to work with you and your family to accomodate and tailor the service in a way that best accomodates your needs and wisshes.
You are guaranteed not only all the support you need during this difficult time but also more time to care for those who need you most, not least yourself.

Our Mackay funeral services are respectful of all customs and beliefs. Care and dignity are always at the forefront at Serene Funerals.
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Cremation Urn — Cremation Funeral Services in Mackay, QLD
Cremation is preferred by more than 80% of Australians. Please call us for a dignified Mackay chapel service. Choose from a range of cremation urns.
Coffin in Hearse— Funeral Directors in Mackay, QLD
For burials at Mackay Cemetery, we can provide a graveside service, a chapel service, or we can conduct the service at a venue of your choosing.
Coffin in the back of hearse — Funeral Services in Mackay, QLD
Our beautiful chapel is available for funeral services for both cremations and burials in Mackay. Religious and non-religious services can be arranged.

Mackay Funeral Services With No Hidden Costs

You can count on Serene Funerals for genuine help and comfort, before, during and after the funeral service.

Along with dignity and respect for your loved one, yourself and your family and friends, you’ll also know exactly what to expect. Total transparency is guaranteed in all our business arrangements. No guesswork with Serene Funerals.

Your decisions, never rushed, will benefit from our full support. Every step of this important journey, we will be here for you, offering advice and information that will help you move forward.
In planning a Mackay funeral service, you could not be in better hands than at Serene Funerals. Our work is dedicated to taking the burden off your shoulders. Caring, considerate, and attentive to every detail, we will look after all the practical concerns for you.
Flower in Cemetery — Funeral Directors in Mackay, QLD
Your personal preferences and beliefs, as well as those of the deceased and their family, are our compass at Serene Funerals. Our funeral service options are respectful of all beliefs and include burials with graveside services, chapel services, cremations, and more.

Be there for those who need you most at this emotional time. We’ll make all the arrangements and free you up so you can take care of your personal priorities. Contact Serene Funerals.


Caring & Compassionate Funeral Arrangements

Urn — Funeral Directors in Mackay, QLD
We are ready to carry the full load, making all the arrangements for you, right down to finding appropriate music for the service and décor for the venue.

We realise there could also be aspects of the service you might prefer to manage yourself. Our funeral services will always reflect the wishes of your departed loved one, as well as yours and those of friends and family.
Your financial concerns are taken seriously at Serene Funerals. To make it easier for those nearest and dearest, who are suffering serious loss already, we find ways to minimise costs wherever possible.
We can help you with claiming any benefits available, including some you may not be aware of.
With our dedicated funeral directors taking care of the details, more time and space will be available for you, your friends and your family—time that can be better spent dealing with the emotional demands of the situation and being there for each other.

Caring support is our guarantee at Serene Funerals. You can trust our team to make sure Mackay funeral is carried out in accordance with your wishes and that you’ll be able to focus on what’s important in this time of grief.

Get in touch with us today. Contact us online or call us on 07 4943 1155.