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Take Care Of Financial Stress With A Pre-Paid Funeral

Pre-paid funerals provide a way of ensuring that you or your loved one will be given the memorial service in Mackay you want. Financial stress is often another unfortunate aspect of funerals. As with most things these days, costs seem to ratchet up as soon as you take your eyes off them.

A pre-paid funeral, however, takes care of that, making it a whole lot easier for those left behind. With structured instalments, a pre-paid funeral is the most affordable way to manage the costs. It’s something that just makes sense.

The loss of a loved one is difficult enough already. Being suddenly hit with the expenses involved in their funeral is a burden that can be simply avoided by putting a little away beforehand through the pre-paid option.

In Mackay

In Mackay, pre-paid funerals are popular with people who wish to pay for their own funeral in order to save their own family from the financial burden. There is peace of mind in knowing your final wishes can be carried out without the hardship and stress of planning your funeral falling to your loved ones.

At the same time, many also take up the pre-paid option on behalf of elderly and unwell members of their family. It’s sensible preparedness and a wise strategy to help manage a major aspect of arrangements when the day finally comes.

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What Are The Benefits Of Pre-Paid Funerals?

Pre-paid funerals are easy enough to organise. With a quick phone call to Serene Funerals, Carol can arrange meet with you and go over the available options. You can choose exactly what you want. You might like to make major decisions at this early stage, such as choosing from a burial or cremation and selecting the coffin.

You can decide on having a chapel service, or staging the ceremony in another place of worship, or somewhere that has special significance to you and your loved ones. You can be as detailed as you like, even down to the music and decorations. You could choose to undertake this process in confidence, as many do during their estate planning. Alternatively, bringing a loved one with you for these pre-paid funeral arrangements is appropriate when you want to make your wishes known in advance.

The main benefit of pre-paid funerals is

The main benefit of pre-paid funerals is, of course, that the finances are taken care of in advance, leaving no one blindsided by the stresses involved in planning and paying for the funeral. When the time comes, nothing financially significant will be left to cover. And the funeral services can be carried out in accordance with requests made prior to death. You will have peace of mind knowing you’ve spared your family a great deal of stress. In addition, it’s an appropriate way for you to have as much or as little control as you wish over final proceedings.
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Should A Pre-Paid Funeral Be Part Of Estate Planning?

Estate planning is all about getting your affairs in order. It’s only logical that you include pre-paying for your funeral. Making it part of your estate planning is simply doing the best you can to take care of your family.

At Serene Funerals, we are here to help you with all aspects of the process. We’ll answer any questions you have about pre-paying a funeral and present you with all the options available for both burials and cremations in Mackay.

Again, to facilitate pre-paid arrangements, you might like to view our chapel and grounds to see if they fit in with your ideas for the funeral services.

Frequently Asked Questions

When pre-paying for a funeral, your plan can be as personalised as you’d like. We’ll also make sure to inform your loved ones of these personalisations when the funeral is going ahead. The benefit of personalising your own funeral is that there will be no debate as to what you would have wanted, and your family can go ahead with the planning knowing it is at your request.

Yes, whether your preference is a burial or a cremation, the process will work exactly the same.

Your wishes are at the centre of our business. If you change your mind having told us our decisions, don’t hesitate to change these at any point. We would rather you were satisfied with your choices, as this is what we consider to be most important.

You can pay by either method – this is a personal choice, depending on what suits you best.

The main issue with paying for your funeral in advance is that it can include a large upfront cost if you choose to pay this way. It’s important to check that you’re in an appropriate financial position to do so.