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Personalised Funerals To Celebrate Their Life

At Serene Funerals, we appreciate that for some people, a funeral will always be a sad, sombre occasion, in which case the traditional methods tend to be favoured. However, we also recognise that for others, a funeral can be a celebration of life, and this can be reflected by the personalised choices that are made.

Based in Mackay, Carol and her staff offer clients the opportunity to personalise most aspects of the funeral, including the coffin or casket, cremation urn, funeral vehicle or floral tribute. In the past, we’ve had people personalise their loved one’s coffin with their favourite sports team, to name just one example.

Sharing personal memories you have with the deceased may help you to heal. Experiencing the loss of a loved one is a life-changing event and saying goodbye can offer a sense of closure. Our team will be on hand to help advise ways on adding a personal touch to the funeral service.

Thoughtful & personal touches to help you heal

By personalising aspects of the funeral, we can help families, friends and communities celebrate the life, culture and interests of the person they have lost, encouraging them to remember the good times. Reliving old memories, personal experiences and moments of significance you shared with the deceased, is part of the healing process. At Serene Funerals, Carol and her staff will tailor a personalised funeral service to give your loved one a respectful send-off.

To discuss ways of adding a unique, personal touch to the funeral service, call Carol at Serene Funerals in Mackay today.

Flowers — Funerals in Sarina, QLD

Frequently Asked Questions

Personalising a funeral is about reflecting on the interests of the deceased and acknowledging their hobbies and cultural beliefs. Some specific ideas that have been used in the past are to ask guests to share a memory about the deceased, or to invite your guests to take something home in memory of the occasion and the individual.

Black is the traditional colour that is worn at funerals and tends to be seen as a mark of respect for the deceased and the bereaved. However, there’s no rule stating that this has to be the case. Asking your guests to wear a different colour, perhaps the deceased’s favourite can be a way to mourn their death, but also celebrate their life.

A eulogy is a great way to personalise a funeral and make it extremely special. It acts as an opportunity to share facts about your loved one that guests may not otherwise have known, and to tell stories about their life. For even more personalisation, you could ask multiple people to speak at the service.

Yes, people often decide to use a display of photos or videos to play a personal tribute to their deceased loved one. Showing pictures from the past can be a good way to reflect on good memories, rather than just the immediate sadness of a funeral service.

Absolutely. Many people assume that a limo is the classic method of transportation for a funeral and the only available option. If your loved one had a particular interest in a different vehicle, for example, a motorbike, or if they simply loved their own car, travelling in this can be a nice way to make the funeral personalised.